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Massage Modalities Offered

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By helping the central nervous system to perform at it best, Craniosacral therapy improves your body's ability to "self correct" from a full spectrum of pain, illness and dysfunction.

Lymphatic Drainage for the intact lymphatic system

Lymph Drainage Therapy gently helps the body to recirculate fluids, stimulate functioning of the immune system, and balance the autonomic nervous system.


Side-lying pregnancy massage for expectant mothers. We recommend being a minimum of 12 weeks (2nd trimester) along before booking this treatment. 


Trigger point accupressure of the hands and feet. 

Scalp treatment may be added as well. 


A stress melting, tension relieving, strictly relaxing session, where no physical issues are addressed. 


Medical concerns are addressed at a superficial level. 

Minimal to no discomfort should be expected. 

Deep Tissue

Medical concerns, restrictions, and trigger points are addressed down to the deepest level. Minimal to moderate discomfort should be expected at this level, depending on the severity of conditions being treated. 


Silicone cups are applied directly to the skin to increase muscle flexibility, mobility, and increase blood flow. This modality is VERY effective to alleviate impingements. Purple and red petechiae (bruise looking circular marks) are a normal side effect of this treatment.